Sheinside is a online store that sells a wide range of clothes that are trendy and affordable! When buying clothes I usually tend to shop online. Their shipping costs can be unreal. Today I came across Sheinside today who offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! 
Weather you are in a country entering winter or summer they have things for every season!
Upon going through their site, I found four  things (in the photo) that i’d wear out daily! a black and white daisy print dress ,  a sheer black mesh dress,  a  grey stripe t shirt  & last but not least a blue striped sleeveless shirt
These are only a few of the things that I thought were cute and definitely everything was inexpensive.  I will be posting more items for them every so often! Don’t miss out, their store is AWESOME!
click  here to be redirected to their site!
Nathalie Paris really annoys me. She's 14 and just entering high school, and acting like she's 18. It pisses me off that she is representing people her age because she sounds like a spoiled bitch in almost all her videos. She acts as if her viewers OWE her something for watching her. Her constant try-hard attitude for being a beauty guru has gotten to me and I'm sick of it. She has no idea what it's like to be a beauty guru, she's only playing pretend.

tbh, I feel the exact same way! I feel she only does video were she is gifted products. 

But I have to admit, I love her videos & always have to watch them! Her editing is perfect and she is so pretty. 


not a confession, but love this blog! thank you x

aahh thank you!!


Send me beauty gurus to do confessions on!


how the fuck did mylifeaseva get so famous??? she only has like, 90 videos and 300,000+ subscribers. it doesn't seem she work hard.

I remember when she had 900 subscribers. I asked myself the same thing. She actually used to be subscribed to me till she got “famous” but I think she just became to hangout w beauty gurus in California and just started making friends! And she just reached 400k. But good for her still!

Thoughts on Bianca8198, SkyRoza, and madisenrosebeauty1. I saw them all together at imats la.

Bianca8198- I like her! She can be a little rude but i’m pretty sure that’s her personality. But she would have so much less subscribers if it wasn’t for Maddi.

SkyRoza- don’t know who that is.

Madisenrosebeauty1- Definetly changed throughout 2013-2014 but everyone does. she seems chill but I heard she is rude in person. But she has upload frequently which is good!